2017 MTA League Grievance Committee

Bill Swift
Sharon Deyton

Purpose:  Evaluate and rule on challenges to rulings made by others.  Collaborate with other committees to improve many areas of the competitive arena, including sportsmanship, awareness/adherence to rules, streamlining the grievance process, consistency of application of rules, etc.

Grievance Procedures

Procedures for filing grievances of or related to local, area and section play shall follow the rules established in the USTA League regulations as set forth for championship play.


A Grievance is defined as a "written formal complaint regarding an alleged violation of regulation or procedure." Any league captain, coordinator or member of a championship committee has the right to file a NTRP Grievance against a player and/or captain. The grievance will claim that the player and/or captain committed or condoned obtaining a Self Rate or possesses a rating which is at a lower NTRP level but has demonstrated the ability to compete at a higher NTRP level. League administrators are not required to accept such filings unless the specific claims within the grievance meet certain conditions. The items listed below suggest a framework for administrators to use to judge the admissibility of such filings.

Grievance Form 2017